I have two passions in life: writing and food. Having lived in Asia, Europe and North America, I’m omnivorous. Yet I’ve noticed that each culture has their own specialities. No one does noodles like Asia, from the springy, glass-like mung bean noodles of Vietnam (mien) to the sublime, slurpy refreshingness of Japanese cold buckwheat noodles (zaru soba). No one does soups and stews like the Europeans, from tangy, hearty beet soup (borsht) to the earthy, warming lentil soup of Spain (lentejas). And no one – but no one – does desserts like North Americans. From NY Cheesecake to Key Lime Pie to sybaritic Devil’s Food Chocolate cake, America and Canada put the rest of the world to shame when it comes to sweets.

This blog is a homage to the food I’ve eaten and found a way to cook, no matter where I was living. A few of the ingredients are harder to get or more expensive, but I will always offer alternatives where possible. My sincere wish is to encourage people to expand their food horizons, eat healthily, and do it on a reasonable budget.

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